OPUS Infiniti IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) offers a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services and solutions that deliver differentiated value to our customer's business.

Our rich pool of service offerings span across the infrastructure lifecycle to Plan,Build,Run & Monitor and includes infrastructure consulting, data center's, end user computing, enterprise networking, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management and transformation services.

IMS team with experts in 12 countries forms an ecosystem of strong alliances and a Data Delivery Center across continents helps us provide true 24X7 services to over 190 customers in multiple industries such as Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, Retail and Healthcare. We continue to invest in multiple proprietary initiatives such as OPUS Infiniti USOP (Unique Service Operations Platform), IMS can help us constantly innovate and deliver's different and increase the value to our customers.

Why should the 21st Century Enterprise consider OPUS?

OPUS's Infrastructure Services has some of the most impressive credentials in the IT Vendor landscape. We have not only executed complex global IT transformation exercises, but also helped run efficient IT services for more than 160 of the world's leading companies. We have consistently been recognized by leading independent analyst's leader in core IT Infrastructure Management services and we are praised for our proven track record of successful high complexity delivery, Customer Satisfaction, and innovative solutions.

Infrastructure Management

Business enterprises have to handle the pressure of delivering improved financial performance and keeping the support infrastructure intact. An agile, efficient, and cost-effective technology infrastructure service provided by OPUS has enabled the companies to refocus on their core services and products.

Our IT team is focused on delivering business value, improved efficiency and variabilization of costs.

An optimized IT infrastructure can create business value for enterprises by leveraging existing technology assets and emerging trends, while creating efficient internal processes.

OPUS proven consulting-led approach focused on innovation, enables enterprises leverage new technologies while optimizing their IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

Enterprises across the globe are flexible in IT operations and driven towards a complete transformation of their service delivery model to addressing a specific cost or performance issue, as well as improving IT spend management or streamlining IT operations.

OPUS comprehensive Infrastructure Outsourcing Services enables clients to achieve an optimized, secure, and scalable IT infrastructure. Our cutting edge of key technology paradigms like virtualization, cloud computing, mobility and green IT are equipping our clients' IT infrastructure to utilize these breakthrough technologies across their datacenters, networks, and production and end-user computing environments.

How can OPUS help you?

OPUS's Infrastructure Services Division has the experience, talent and tools to help you create, run and manage next generation IT Infrastructure.

  • Our Infrastructure Support services remotely and efficiently manages clients IT infrastructure and releasing your limited IT resources to focus on other core applications.
  • We ensure that the IT infrastructure admins clients business is available and best performing.
  • Our proven processes simplify and improve cost management associated with supporting a high impact IT infrastructure system.
  • Our technical experts have updated knowledge in technology and work closely with clients and other product groups to remain current on advancements.
  • Our comprehensive services enable clients to keep their IT infrastructure and core business-critical applications running 24x7.
  • Our quality Infrastructure Support Services to help clients to accomplish their business objectives.

OPUS successfully combines :

A proven ability to execute on large OR Small-scale complex IT requirements across core IT infrastructure towers of Data Centers & Tele-communication Services, Security and Service Integration & Management solution portfolio to offer a solutions portfolio that is comprehensive enough to address all your IT infrastructure needs.

OPUS's unique IT sourcing contract on its head, providing a whole new paradigm for Customer-Vendor relationships with focus on value centricity, commitment to business outcomes and provision of flexible and transparent pricing.

Contact us info@opusinfiniti.com We will be happy to help you.