Every one using the accounting system is not qualified accountant with academic accounting knowledge. But accounting is inevitable and accountants are inevitable for every business. Most of the time the cost of the accountant is not affordable and you are caught behind "Have and not to have".

OnePage POS is a boon to such entrepreneurs especially small business units which helps in accounting all the transaction without the user having even basic accounting knowledge. As the transaction goes on live, ledger entries are posted automatically at the back end give a leverage to the business owner the art of accounting.

OnePage POS is linked to inventory, so trading becomes simpler. Purchase and sales of items is made simpler. Menu driven screen based on functionality gives the users a sense of simplicity. The aim of OnePage POS is to complete the accounts without training and basic accounting knowledge.

Advanced features like

  • Stock entry and reports
  • Offer items and discounts
  • Privilege points and cards
  • Trial Balance
  • Trading account
  • Profit & Loss account
  • Balance sheet

Simple reports enable the business units to know the health of the business at every instance.

This windows based can be implemented in the server and accessed by multiple users through LAN connectivity.