The top retailers invest in the best retail point of sales software along with the hardware. POS is pivotal to their business and it should work seamlessly with the rest of the ERP.

It's no longer just about working as an organization making sales, but more and more about focusing on cutting edge technology as in intelligent retail point of sale system.

Cashiers at the point of sale have their task cut out - be efficient. Yet we try to make their lives simple and easy with the retail Point of sales software.

Smooth Cash Point

The point of sales software is defined by its collection centre which needs to be efficient while collecting tender information, redeeming loyalty points, gift vouchers or coupon codes or applying any bill discounts or promotions.

  • Scan bar codes directly or search by attributes like brand, color etc.
  • Multiple selection cause price to be prompted
  • If item has been purchased with OEM code then use it instead of creating new code
  • Accept multiple tender in single payment
  • Plan promotions in advance and test if they resolve correctly
  • Resolve multiple promotions by scanning the same set of items
  • Block sales if inventory is zero
  • Allow sales by issuing credit (credit sales)
  • Take deposits and advances. Make refunds
  • Take an advance and book a customer order for layaway
  • Sell gift vouchers and allow only single use of the voucher across store network
  • Control all cashier given discounts from head office in terms of percentage or amount
  • Allow customers to shop in separate departments and then collect all items after paying at cash counter using concept of delivery slip
  • If item is not allocated its details can be looked up online and exchange/ return accepted
  • Check stock of item online at other stores
  • Add a loyalty member. Search for members and tag to purchases. Allow redemption benefits to be used only once across stores.
  • If shopper has not shopped at store before his or her details can be downloaded online
  • Perform store closure by confirming sales and also entering data for custom parameters like footfall

Data Synchronization

OPUS automatically updates the sale and stock of the POS back to the retail ERP running at the head office. This happens for any stock transfers and any promotions applied automatically too.

Comprehensive Store Back-office

  • Create a purchase order at HO specifically for the goods to be received at the shop
  • Enter the received quantity of goods against the good receive advice. Option to enter less or more than marked quantity
  • Stock take (Stock audit) as per head office's directions
  • Split or combine items to create new items by connecting to head office retail ERP
  • Consume miscellaneous items like packaging items to reduce their stock
  • Enter petty cash expense for the stores under heads allowed from head office
  • Stock transfer to another shop, which will show as pending in the other shop automatically
  • Enter a pencil count of stock

POS for Franchisee Stores

The retail boom has been fuelled by new business model of franchising where multiple entrepreneurs take up part of the risk of inventory. OPUS supports this in the POS transparently. If the store is a franchisee store, the stock will be controlled but accounts will not be affected.

Promotions, pricing, security and all other aspects can still be centrally controlled.

Secure Point of Sales Software

  • Auto backup (Incremental / full backup)
  • Session begin and session end
  • Task level User security configuration
  • Blind session close
  • Separate returns counter
  • Design reports at Head office and view at POS