Our Services

  • Product engineering: Our product engineering services cover from architecture to release and partial or full product life cycle development based on your requirements and unique needs.
  • Product validation: Our independent test and validation teams assure you of product quality. They cover right from unit and modular testing to performance and integrated functionality testing.
  • Re-engineering: Our product re-engineering services ensure smooth migration of your products from old technology to new technology platforms. We also work with you on internationalization, IP harvesting and repackaging of your product.
  • Deployment acceleration: Our product enhancement services support product improvements and additional features based on market/user demands. We also work with you to port your product to web technology, cloud and provide mobile enablement for smart devices.


  • Reduction by 40% on product development costs
  • Increased performance of your applications by implementing performance testing and analysis
  • Standardization of processes across engineering teams

Please view below one of the most valuable OPD developed in OPUS center.

Games App Development

OPUS Build your gaming apps with us for larger than life animations, advanced touch and motion gestures, rich sounds and graphics.

2D and 3D gaming applications

We create games for rich media campaigns running on web apps and for the conventional native platforms that cater to gaming enthusiasts. Different platforms need different tech specifics.

Our skilled animation and design team works for creating graphics and figure in 2D and 3d planes. Depending on the requirement for your app we can create interfaces that suit you.

Unique Services

Animations and figures that are larger than life what you expected.

Understanding device and screens for better user interaction in gaming movements with smooth interfaces.

Be it motion gaming on handheld devices, in-app purchases, social media leader boards, our games come loaded with exciting features.

We have built games in hybrid and native technologies.Trust us for skilled development in Xcode, C#, Corona, Unity and Unity 3D.

Customized features, upgrades and free 1year upgrade plan were the highlights of this game.

Smooth touchscreen interactions, seamless and customized gestures for motion detection in gaming.

Hybrid game development for compatibility with popular OS and even web browsers for extracting the maximum from your gaming experience.

Mobile screens come to life with our tasteful and lively graphics built to suit the game premise.

Android Game Development

OPUS is now working with the android mobile game development. We are working on mobile game development with latest technology like Unity 3D/2D and Cocos 3D/2D. We provide different categories android game like casino games, cards games, sports games, puzzles, racing games etc. with different and latest technology like Android Widget SDK, Open GL. We are develop game for different devices like mobile phone, Tablet, watch..etc

IOS Game Development

OPUS is offer different categories of iOS mobile game development in india With its expert developers, quality services and affordable costing. We provide different types of iOS game like racing games, sports games, puzzles, kid games, multiplayer games etc. We have an expert team of iOS game developers who have well experiences of making different type of game. Our developers are use latest technology of iOS mobile game development like Unity 3D/2D, Cocos 3D/2D, Unreal and canvas 3D, BOX 2D.

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