EmsPlus is an integrated ERP solution which seamlessly work with Online exam module. With extensive features to accommodate any type of requirement of schools and colleges, emsOnline Exam is a web based application with login credentials to each any every student. This is a great boon to teachers who make a hectic exercise to prepare questions and conduct examination. Everything is online from registration to results. All the students registered in the school as student is automatically assigned login credentials.

A robust admin login enables the institute the do master settings in terms of course and pattern of conducting the exam. Each student can take the exam within a specific time period to evaluate the student in a level playing field. Randomisation of question and randamoisation of options within the queston address the conventional mal practices inherent to the objective type of questions. Each student will get different questions with different serial numbers. The options are quite different in those questions.

Manage your course

  • Set up your course
  • Add students
  • Track progress
  • Upload files

Add activities

  • Use assignments to assess
  • Discuss in forums
  • Test students with a quiz
  • Peer-assess with a workshop

Manage your site

  • Add users
  • Add courses
  • Change the look and feel

Mobile app

  • View app features
  • Keep up-to-date with notifications
  • Create mobile-friendly courses