The shipping industry is facing many challenges such as logistics, a fluctuating, every day changing market, increased fuel prices, changing environmental regulations and the cost of avoiding hazardous areas.

Every day, you and your staff have to make critical business decisions based on a massive amount of ever-changing information in a rapidly moving and sometimes dangerous environment.

A seamless, effective shipping organization requires the ability to access up-to-date data, anytime, anywhere with relevant meaningful information on your fingertips.

OPUS shipping management solution helps facilitate your decision-making and ensures your data works for you.

OPUS offers industry-leading shipping software which integrates Chartering, Operations, Control, Accounts & Finance in one strong flexible and agile solution helping to streamline your business and increase your productivity.

Shipping Software

OPUS offers you instant access to advanced shipping management software with zero maintenance and no IT infrastructure. You can connect anytime; anywhere all you need is a PC or Tab connected to the internet.

It is exceptionally easy to get started by downloading and installing the OPUS Client application that supports various cloud providers.

  • Instantly access system benefits with minimum start-up cost
  • Cloud application can immediately be turned on
  • Simple shipping system with no maintenance or hardware costs

Visually compare planned routes against actual routes followed on a map interface also easily identify bottlenecks and enhancing your line OPUS optimisation.

Smart geo-fencing around origin, destination and all in-transit hubs for real-time ETA calculation; hub-in hub-out reports to assist fleet tracking.

Our zone wise reports and control room setups use Line OPUS Transport Analytics with configurable dashboards that fit any industry, client need or specific need with screen size support ranging from tablet to television.

Unlimited storage of historical location tracking published APIs to integrate truck or fleet tracking and distance data into financial systems.

Light and quick integration with SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Sales force or in-house ERP, OMS and CRM systems using open APIs for exchange of distance and time data for applications such as invoicing.

Suggestions for best routes and ETA between any two locations across the country based on previous Truck routing and data from external sources such as weather, traffic trends and timings.

Network analysis using delay density bubble maps, heat maps and visual map-based bottleneck analysis for efficient route planning.

Periodic and gradual change in ETAs between every set of hubs based on actual real-time location and time data making it the most optmized truck logistics software.

All Retail Businesses and Formats
  • Classify inventory into division section department and use multiple categories.
  • All retail business formats like Company Owned Company Operated, Franchise Owned Franchisee Operated, Shop-in-Shop, Large Format Store and Multi Brand Outlets are supported.
  • Layaway and advance receipt tracking can be implemented.
Run Retail Promotions
  • Managing pricing of merchandise in your network of stores.
  • Retail ERP software makes it easy to use all marketing and promotional activities like buy-get, power pricing, happy hour on various categories of inventory.
  • Loyalty card programs which can be linked up with promotions and other discount schemes (loyalty or promotion coupons).
  • Create gift voucher series and issue/sell vouchers. Check online validity and allow gift voucher redemption.
Control User Operations
  • Each shop can have different set of policy rules applicable to it or we can create policy groups of shops.
  • The entire application software has module level and function level security based on user, their roles and operating site.
  • Track the total sales done by salesmen in a period for a certain category or a certain item and calculate relevant incentives.
Intelligent Integrations
  • Retail ERP that is integrated with multi-channel management solution is the key to managing online sales with a single back-end.
  • POS retail software bolsters detailed analysis with retail analytics reports designated for the store from Head office. Each of the reports is customizable and available in PDF and Excel.
  • The sales, purchases and other transactions happening at point of sales are recorded in the accounting system as well.