emsPLUS is an extensive ERP solutions for Schools, Colleges and Universities. We are head quartered in Texas, USA and have successful implementations in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, US and UK. We deliver the best solution and consultancy services in IT related platforms.

emsPLUS also provides

  • Consultancy on new hardware and other technologies.
  • Consultancy overall requirement of hardware and software for fairly a longer insight.
  • Suggesting necessary infrastructure to attain the IT goal of the company.
  • Suggesting rugged networking technology for data redundancy & data integrity.
  • Suggesting effective communication technology for efficient data transfer & data sharing.
  • Suggesting a optimum firewall for data security.
  • Suggesting an overall software solution both cost effective and better efficiency.
  • Successful implementation of the suggested project(s).
  • Providing training to individual level viz, Management, Supervisory, Admin & End user.
  • Ultimately proving the Cost benefits analysis envisaged during the project initiation.

emsPLUS is all set to provide any type of solution to your industry. Over a couple of decades our IT team is fully seasoned to encounter and provide optimum solutions to any type of challenge that you face at present or you might face in the near future. We employ IT to be a complementing factor for the successful management of your business than an alien technology that backs a few and back-stabs many.

We deserve our claim with confidence basically because we are exposed to various domains and have been working with experts in respective fields.

  • Export / Import Database - Your existing data in any format can be converted into required format of the new application without loss of data.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Based on the business logic and business pattern intelligent systems are built to be reused during Decision making process. The system will prompt warnings during deviations and can be automated to take corrective actions.
  • Hardware integration - Data capture during transaction is done through integration of hardware like Finger Print Reader, RFID, GPS where instant information is captured online.
  • Portal - Publishing organization's information through portals is made possible directly from the database captured from users.
  • CRM - Industry specific Customer Relationship Management tools to assist easy retrieval of required data for the End User, Telecalling, Staff and the Management.

Process emsPLUS will be executing at your organization.

  • Study of existing process of the organization.
  • System Requirement Study.
  • Study on Critical Success Factor.
  • Study on Data import and reuse.
  • Suggesting the optimum hardware and software requirement.
  • Implementation of Software.
  • Training of user at all levels.
  • Transfer of knowledge & responsibility to the IT Department.