Pensir - Its an acronym for Planning, Evaluation, Negotiation, Scheduling, Implementation and Review. As you all know in any major project the management struggles when too many customers and too many vendors are connected. Incidentally, each project will have too many activities which increases the complication of storing information and more importantly retrieving the same. At any point in time the decision making person struggles without concurrent information across project happening across locations. Then you surely need a simple tool to management the most complicated activity. Yes, PENSIR is a comprehensive tool to make you life simple when it comes to

Pensir (PROJECT - EVALUATION - NEGOTIATION - SCHEDULING - IMPLEMENTATION - REVIEW) is an organizational application, which can be used by construction and interior designing companies for their day - to - day activities. PENSIR give the ability to capture the basic essence information of construction and interior designing companies according to the work flow.Through PENSIR the use can create week plan for manpower, week plan for materials, do scheduling, design quotation and save version f of negotiation with customers, create running bill for vendors, make daily diary entries and so on. Based on these entries made, various reports can be generated, all of which are customizable depending on companies requirements. It is also most flexible ERP solution, which can be fine tuned to the specific requirement of the company. Various logins based on roles can be created, by which individual persons can access the application individually. Extensive reports and analytical tools like pie chart, bar chart and dash board makes the whole application robust and user friendly. Integrated with accounts and HR makes the application a one stop solution to the project management for the company.

Planning the project

Well planned project is half done. Hence does not suffer Cost Over Run and Time Over Run

Evaluating the project

Be well informed about the cost and man power requirement even before you start the project


Unlimited versions of quotation. Highly flexible and scalable for any level


Man power Scheduling and Material Scheduling gives you complete control of the whole process


Data capture at the point of instance give little room for misappropriation of resources


Data analysis and dashboard gives a birds eye view of the project in progress & completed projects

PENSIR is an extensive project management ERP provides a construction company to plan and monitor the project progress. Since this is an end to end solutions for such companies project status is available from the point of ideation that is planning to the project completion. Every stage the data is captured making the system efficient.

Modules in PENSIR

  • Quotation preparation
  • Quotation negotiation
  • Customer work order
  • Work order allocation to Sub Contractors
  • Work in progress
  • Customer invoice
  • Vendor invoice
  • Gantt Chart
  • Work completion report

PENSIR is integrated with HRMS and accounts making it a comprehensive ERP software for managing the system end to end.