OPUS Pharma is a mobile app specifically designed for tabs (7"and above). This replaces most of the manual activities of field executives of the Pharma industry. Manual reporting is time consuming. There are every chances of data compromise in accuracy of visits made. The management and the executive managers have to rely upon the reports sent by the field executive and no fool proof system available to track and monitor the executives on the field. Bringing everything online gives no room for distorted information.

OPUS Pharma is a simple reporting tool to keep the management abreast of all the activities performed by the Medical representatives. The details of reports are automatically captured by the mobile application which each of the representatives use during the visit to doctors, Chemist and Stockist. Different control mechanism and monitoring system makes the whole process easy to monitor and manage movements of field executives.

OPUS Pharma is available in 2 versions

Mobile based reporting system where every medical representative uses the mobile application to perform their individual activity. Data is capture automatically by the software.

Next is the online reporting system where the medical representative feeds data on a daily basis from where ever they are on a browser. Data is automatically sent to the central server form where the management cull out the required information.


  • GPS tracking of representative on the move
  • Simple mobile application for capture data
  • Show literature to doctor through mobile tabs
  • Easy to use and handy
  • Save hard copy stationery - GREEN INDIA initiative
  • Easy update of new products, new feature and product update
  • Communication between representative and management made easy
  • Self scheduling for any period
  • Scheduling by Top management and instant information to the executive
  • No separate reporting system when mobile reporting is done

Special Features

  • Online reporting of field executives
  • Online scheduling of visits to Doctors, Pharmacies and Distributors
  • Location enabled visits without enabling Google location services (special feature)
  • Online update of Literature avoiding literature printing
  • Daily, weekly and monthly schedules maintained by Field Executives
  • Adhoc scheduling by Managers
  • Payment follow up of Distributors online
  • Online instant acknowledgement of payments from distributors
  • Area based searches
  • Hospital based searches for that area entitled for the user
  • Doctor based searches for that area entitled for the user
  • Can be integrated with existing application if any

What do the Field Executives get?

  • Separate reporting system is not required. Hence saves time in sending manual reports or online reports in which the user has to feed into the system
  • Need not carry literature book to showcase new arrivals of drugs
  • Instant update of literature book is enabled
  • Daily , weekly and monthly scheduling can be done online
  • Follow up of distributors for orders and payment is enabled with accurate data online.

What do the Managers get?

  • Track field executive online
  • Instant reporting enables the managers to plan the subsequent visits
  • Can see the schedules of field executives and re-plan the visits
  • Send online instructions to the field executives
  • Reporting is instant and proactive not a post-mortem

What do the Management get?

  • Printing of literature, distribution and re-distribution is totally avoided. Huge cost saving is achieved
  • Easy flow of communication with accuracy of data by both field executives and managers
  • Un-distorted reports captured online increasing the efficiency of field executives and managers
  • Location enabled reports which avoid redundant data.
  • Date and time captured online without manual intervention and hence to distortion of data either intentional or un-intentional
  • Additional mechanism to track and monitor the field executives is totally avoided bringing reliability and integrity to the reporting system.