CRM - Keep track your customers for sales

Build-In enterprise expertise is competative CRM solution

Bringing the processes, technology and people together to increase customer loyalty is the hallmark of a successful CRM solution.

OPUS combine experts in business analytics(BA tools), cloud computing and enterprise mobility to deliver modern CRM solutions that help you drive business success by making everyone in your organization part of the relationship building process.

Accelerate the return on your CRM investment

OPUS's global success in banking, hospitality, education, insurance and other industries enables us to deliver tailored CRM solutions and frameworks that accelerate and automate your core business processes.

Extend your power of CRM


CRM in OPUS do more than just manage your contacts. It's a powerful global enterprise solution that gives everyone in your organization to secure access and data from anywhere at any time.

Whether it's Microsoft Dynamics CRM or, we tailor your CRM solution to your exact business needs.

Better user experiences

Integrating web portals with your CRM system opens the door to new customer and partner data, streamlines loyalty programs, and delivers more compelling online experiences that set your business apart.

End-to-End CRM services

From pre-design strategy to post-deployment training, OPUS experts work with you to ensure your CRM solution delivers the functionality users expect and the flexibility your business needs to grow.


OPUS CRM is a fully featured web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution to improve your sales productivity & boost up your sales and grow your revenue rate. CRM in OPUS also includes a full set of eMarketing, online survey and call center with the help of tools to integrate all customer knowledge to CRM. You can just start using CRM-service cloud services and take control of your work experience.