eWaiter this is an exclusive app for the waiters to send the menu directly to the Chef taken from each table.

eWaiter is a handy order taking system for the waiter to make the process user friendly and effective. The billing system of the restaurant is connected the eWaiter who can order the menu against each table

Main Functionalities

  • Auto update of menu
  • Category or Sub category based search
  • Random search on auto fill
  • Multiple order for same customer
  • Multiple order for same table
  • Cancel menu
  • Send order to Chef instantaneously
  • Facilitate billing
  • Preferences of customer can be noted and send to chef
  • View all offer items
  • Add/edit/delete items at all stages before billing
  • Get alerts from Chef on delivery

eWaiter establishes smooth communication between the Chef and the Waiter without physically connecting both of them. Through push notification instant messages can be sent from both sides.

Advanced Features

Customer Retention

To advertise about our restaurant to the customer, the Home page is design for representing the Restaurant information like establishment, service and contact details.

Fast and Reliable

MobileMenu is designed to engage the customer so that they feel important while waiting for the item to be served. Security is our main motto for keep the data safe,

Effective Updatable

MobileMenu is designed for support the centralization system. The information can updatable from the server at Restaurant.. Unlimited version can be maintained.

Look And Feel

  • Future Animation and Motion effect
  • Delightful fonts
  • Attract the customer by user friendly approach
  • Excellent customer service
  • Brand image for item representation
  • Reduce the waiting for order.
  • It is enough to login with name & mobile number, Need not to collect the too much of customer information for login.

Compatibility with All Android Devices

MobileMenu is compatible on all android tablet devices from 3 inches to 10 inches.

ROI - Return on investment

For any business and a smart business man the ultimate question before introducing any new technology or device would be ROI. This is decides the profitability of the organization and he subsequent existence of the Restaurant itself.

Re-printing of the menu card is avoided totally on occasions like. Printing of the menu card is a quite cumbersome, complicated and high cost because of low volume. These additional cost can be totally avoided.

  • Price change
  • Addition of menus
  • Deletion of items
  • Change of category and sub category
  • Change the design of the menu card

Reduction of waiters. With minimum no of staff the restaurant will be able to give extra service to the customer. With single waiter to just monitor the usage of the MobileMenu any decent restaurant will be able to manage. The avaialability of man power, retention and managing them is a herculean task which can be avoided through this MobileMenu.

Attracting customer through novel technology - there a lot of customer needs change, something different and new experience. This will help to attract new customer and also retain existing elite customers.