Chitta is a simple and handy account management app. You will really love it as it is lucid and user friendly. No I have installed the app. When I open the first time, I have to register with my name, mail id and mobile no. Now I get verification code sent to my mail id and hence it is very important that I give a correct mail id. Here I enter the verification code and there I am inside the app.

Chitta records the receipts and payments from sundry creditors and sundry debtors. This helps the business owner to get instant information about who they are due from their customers and how much they owe to their suppliers. Summary of accounts on outstanding from customers and individual statement of accounts of each customers is available by selecting the customer. Best way to manage accounts for Customers and suppliers. Special features like setting reminders for payments from customer gives an impetus to the user experience. Share the joy of accounting with simple steps and candid functionality. Its free and user-friendly. Don't forget to rate us!

Managing accounts be it a small business or a big one is very important. Some time we may loose money or even customers if we don't maintain proper accounts for our customer and suppliers. Chitta is a simple Accounting Software which can manage daily accounts of business owner all with a simple click. The dash board is the highlight of the entire app where the user is able to see the strength of the payments and receipts from customers and suppliers either way. Instead of going through bunch of ledgers and tiny slips, the user will be able to get the information from the dash board. Adding customers and suppliers is made easy by integrating the Chitta app with the your phone contacts.

Chitta Home

  • Record your expenses (you can create your own expense head)
  • Record your income (you can create your own income head)
  • Create your monthly budget
  • Record how much you deposit in your bank
  • Record how much you draw from the bank
  • Check your balance sheet instantaneously
  • See all the report and dash board with the start of the art UI

Chitta Business

  • Create multiple suppliers
  • Create multiple customers
  • Record sales information to your customers
  • Record purchase information from your suppliers
  • Check customer outstanding
  • Check supplier payment due
  • See all the report and dash board with the state of the art UI