eZeHotel is an online booking engine for hotels and resorts. Customers are more eager to get the feel of the property they are going to stay even for a single day. The ambience is more important for elite customers. eZeHotel gives the choice to the customer to get full information of the property before they take a judicious decision.

The clients can login and select the location of the property. Based on the location the customer chooses the category to see all the property available in the location under that category. Seeing is believing. Real time photos are available to give the right perspective of the property.

Special features

  • Search based on location
  • Search based on category of property
  • Multiple view of the property enabled
  • View all the facilities of the property
  • Booking online
  • Online payment options enabled
  • Feedback from customers

eZeHotel is an online platform to connect the property owners and the customer who are seeking such properties. This mobile apps can be used to take choices among variety of properties in different locations.

  • Login as customer
  • Select the location
  • Select the category
  • View the property images gallery
  • Explore the facilities available in that property
  • Schedule the stay with date and no of occupants
  • Book the property
  • Pay online and
  • Get the confirmation

Now you are good to go. Your property is booked and there will be concierge waiting for you in the lounge.