Tired of preparing questions today. This is what every teacher in all the institutions. Due to prevailing competition within students and more so heavy competition among institution to prove their reputation in the industry. The students are trained continuously and the method these institutions employ is continuous test and exams all round the year. In this exercise the faculty involved becomes weary leading diminishing of performance over a period of time.

OPUS Qlik4Questions is an innovative venture to make this a comfortable methodology for the institution bringing in higher efficiency. All that the faculties have to do is work one time to feed in question and store in a central repository of question bank database.

Steps to Qlik4Questions
  • Feed questions
    • Course Wise
    • Subject wise
    • Unit wise
      • Hard
      • Medium
      • Modern
  • Create Question patterns
    • Compulsory questions
    • Either or questions
    • Answer any 3
  • Select question for each pattern
  • Open Qlik4Question
    • Select Pattern
    • View Question Paper
    • Click to print Question
    • Refresh to get new Question paper and print.
As simple as that
Salient Features
  • Question paper can be printed from anywhere. So exam can be conducted from any place
  • Question paper can be printed 5 - 10 mts just before the exam avoiding mal practices
  • Multiple question papers can be printed to avoid student copying